8 Decorating Ideas That Won’t Cost You Your Security Deposit

If you're a renter and want to add some personal touches without risking your security deposit, we have the perfect solution. We've rounded up 8 decorating ideas that won't cost you your security deposit!

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There are many upsides to renting a home or apartment, like the flexibility to change residences often, the ability to pass maintenance and upkeep costs onto your landlord, and the clear understanding of precisely what you’ll pay each month.

Unfortunately, one major downside is that renters are often prohibited from certain decoration choices or home improvement projects. Ignoring these restrictions may place you at risk of losing your security deposit, which can equal up to a whole month of rent.

1) Hide plastic blinds behind curtains or Roman shades.

The plastic blinds that many landlords opt for might not quite be your style. Fortunately, they’re easy to hide—no removal required. Just pull your plastic blinds all the way up (or to one side, if you have the vertical version) and hide them behind curtains or Roman shades. Look for tension rods or stick-on curtain rod brackets to avoid drilling into the wall. 

2) Replace your light fixtures and store the old ones.

If your light fixtures are eyesores throughout the area, give yourself a few hours to swap them all out for new ones. The process is easier than you might think (cut power, unscrew, detach wires, reattach wires, re-screw) and will make a huge difference. Just make sure to store the original fixtures to replace them before you move out. 

3) Use removable wallpaper to dress up your walls.

Removable wallpaper is perfect for renting, and the process has improved significantly in the last decade. Find a color or pattern you love, and use it throughout your space, on accent walls, or even in fun silhouettes like arches or circles. We recommend Chasingpaper.com, which offers tons of fun, creative designs for peel and stick wallpaper.

4) Add mirrors to make the space feel bigger.

If your space is on the small side, decorating with mirrors can give the illusion that you have more room than you do. For a renter-friendly option, get a large one that rests on the floor. Check out this oversized floor mirror for just $89 on Amazon.

5) Use damage-free hanging methods for art and photos.

Thanks to command strips, and other damage-free hanging methods, putting up your favorite artwork, frames, among other decorations, has never been easier. Before you place all the decorations of your choice on the wall, try a test strip first to make sure it comes off cleanly. 

6) Bring in the greenery.

If your space feels like it’s missing something and you can’t quite figure out what it is, chances are you could use more greenery in your area. Try adding natural, succulent, faux, or fresh flowers to liven up each room.

7) Try a new furniture configuration.

If you’re craving a complete redecoration, consider rearranging the furniture throughout your space. Most rooms will have at least a few options for comfortable furniture arrangements, and you can always switch it right back if it doesn’t feel right and before moving out.

8) Have seasonal pieces that you swap out throughout the year.

Last but not least, if you’re someone who likes the feeling of fresh décor constantly, try swapping out smaller decorations like throw pillows, vases, or artwork on a seasonal schedule. Every time you make the switch, your space will feel brand new. 
There you have it: eight renter-friendly design ideas to apply to your space! Try them out and see how great it feels to redecorate without jeopardizing your security deposit. Still looking for the perfect place to call home? Contact our team at Surrealty Living to find an apartment that will work best for you!

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